Frequently Asked Questions

For global orders: 

For larger pieces, we first attach/line the inside of the box with styrofoam, and then put on a 'seat belt' for the product by wiring it securely to the styrofoam so that the piece will NOT move around during transit. To cushion it further, we will fill the empty spaces in the box with wrapping paper and other fillers so that any other impact is absorbed and never hit the product. 

For smaller pieces, we protect them by wrapping them in 'bubble wrap' to fully product it.

It will arrive at your doorstep within 5 - 14 working days after the order is placed, depending on your distance from Singapore. 

We choose express/expedited delivery via either Qxpress or UPS to you. 

Qxpress is a trusted brand in Singapore, established in 2011, with global operation, and hundreds of millions of funding to date. Qxpress is preparing for an IPO in the US in 2022. 

Unfortunately, our work featuring live plants are only available in Singapore.

While theoretically we can ship live plants globally, we decided not to in order to make sure customers receive a product that is in its best condition. 

We are setting up tracking pages on our website, until it's fully set up. Please do feel free to send us a message if you have any questions regarding the status of your order. 

Can simply leave us a note via a WA (+65 9613 8309), or Instagram DM (@iamslowgreen), or email ( or even leaves a note in the 'Note' box during checkout. 

We follow the six steps process to carefully package the box, for details, see

It will arrive at your doorstep within 3-4 working days after the order is placed.

Our work, as of first half of 2022, are grouped into 3 big types: 'Slow Green', 'Slow Stone' & 'Slow Wood'. 

'Slow Stone' & 'Slow Wood' feature preserved moss and flowers and require zero care, simply put it there and enjoy. We can ship them internationally :-). As their names suggest, 'Slow Stone' prominently feature stones in their design, and 'Slow Wood' prominently feature wood or driftwood

'Slow Green' feature live plants and require watering at least 5 times a week and bright indirect light. They are only available in Singapore

'Slow Green' happens to be the name of our overall brand as we started off with live plants.

On our website, after each product name, we mark 'preserved' or 'live' to indicate. 

The short answer is, YES!

Our work feature either live plants or preserved plants. 

Preserved plants are real natural plants that grew in nature, but now preserved. They ARE NOT man made, they ARE NOT plastics. :-). 

The preserved flowers and moss are real plants and grew in the nature before harvest.  The preserving process retains and prolongs the plants' natural appearance, giving it no need for watering nor lighting. The preserved plants will retain its look for many years to come, if kept dry and out of prolonged exposure to strong sun.

The flowers were imported from various parts of the world into Japan, and were preserved in Japan by our trusted suppliers with track-record

The moss was imported from Netherlands into Singapore directly, and was live and fresh when entering Singapore

The moss went through a preserving process in Singapore

Completely safe - it does not contain any harmful substance

Generally speaking, there is no caring needed on regular basis. 

Please just put them in a dry spot, and out of direct strong sun. That's it. e.g. living room, bedroom are usually fine. Please do not water them, as water would damage the texture of preserved plants. 

They last many years if kept dry and out of prolonged exposure to strong sun. As a general rule of thumb, 4 - 5 years or so in Singapore which is humid, 6 years in drier countries. 
Can simply blow it away or dab it away lightly. We personally haven't had this problem ourselves and have not had such feedback from customers in Singapore. 

Yes, we are happy to maintain your preserved orders as well. Please feel free to bring them to our studio for touch ups or 're-moss'.  

It's probably not your fault, it's not the plant's fault either.  :-) 

Despite our best efforts, plants leave us sometime. 

We provide maintenance service in case that happens, and we charge only a fraction of the original purchase price for maintaining your piece. For details re maintain service, please refer to our webpage

Please place them indoor, under bright indirect light, low wind/draft environment. 

Each piece is somewhat different, for details, please refer to each individual product page. 

But generally speaking, 5 times watering a week, each time about 350 - 500ml is generally the safe way to go. 

Whereas, for pieces in glass tank, can usually form a shallow pool of water at the bottom so that no need to separately water every day. 

While we aim to build up a team to cater to all customisation orders from all our followers, at this moment, we have really limited bandwidth and can only customize for orders above SGD 2000 / USD 1500. please feel free to get in touch with us through, or whatsapp +65 9613 8309, or Instagram DM. 

For order below SGD 2000 / USD 1500, we can, however, 'customize' based on size, but strictly not on other design elements. So, if you see a piece that you like, but you want or larger or smaller version of it, please do feel free to get in touch. 


But please note that the pre-ordered item would be characteristically very similar but will not be an exact replica as the sold out one, as each of the material is naturally formed and is unique in shape. 

The item will be ready to be delivered/shipped 10 - 14 working days after a pre-order is placed. For all pre-order, we collect full payment upfront, and once it's finished, we will show you pictures. If you like it, you can claim it, and if you don't like it, we issue full refund and release to public afterwards. As soon as you decide claim it, we will package it for delivery/shipping to you. 

All of our customers' reviews are shown on our Instagram highlight section called 'Reviews'. Click on the big round circle below the bio section of our Instagram account. 

Some of these reviews are also shown on our website's homepage. Once on the homepage, scroll down to find a section called 'customer love' 

On our website, we accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard or Amex) and Paypal. 

In our physical studio in Singapore, we accept cash, or PayNow/PayLah or bank transfer. 

You can actually claim a discount code after the first purchase by leaving a photoed review on our website. You can even get a code for your friend through your referrals. 

Yes, you can

Whatever you order, we are happy to hold and care for it until delivery comes for your preference. So everything is always fresh at the time of gifting. 

Can simply leaves us a note to tell us your preferred delivery date, via a WA (+65 9613 8309), or Instagram DM (@iamslowgreen), or email ( or even leaves a note in the 'Note' box during checkout. 

Yes, you can.

Can simply leaves us a note to tell us your preferred delivery date, via a WA (+65 9613 8309), or Instagram DM (@iamslowgreen), or email ( or even leaves a note in the 'Note' box during checkout. 

Whatever you order, we are happy to hold and care for it until delivery comes for your preference.  

We are able to process the return for an item, if you could please inform us your return decision no later than 4 (four) days after placing the order if you are based in Singapore, and no later than 18 (eighteen) days after placing the order if you are based outside of Singapore. 

Please note that we will be issuing the refund, upon receiving the item back at our studio in Singapore, in the conditions they are received by customers. Once you decide to return the item, please take and share pictures of the item with us to ascertain the conditions.

Per international e-commerce convention, we kindly ask the customers to bear the cost of shipping fees for returning the item back to us. 


  • After order, if you saw & decided you prefer another piece from Slow Green, you have the option to exchange for that piece, provided the original piece was returned to us in undamaged conditions
  • Please inform us no later than seven days after placing order, and conduct physical exchange no later than fourteen days after order
  • Additional top-up applies if exchange for an item of higher value. Unfortunately, we would not be able to provide refund for exchanges to items of lower value. To exchange, please bring the piece back to our studio at 406B Joo Chiat Road, and conduct the exchange on the spot. Unfortunately, we would not be able to accept courier for returns to prevent damages during transport
  • Please note that the exchange policy is only valid inside Singapore for now, due to logistical hurdles for exchanges internationally.