Hi all, this is Connor from Slow Green. I include below info regarding: 

1) How the products are packaged

2) Information specifically for Singapore local delivery

3) Information specifically for international delivery 


Above everything else, please note that the components of our pieces are firmly attached with one another, and built to withstand tossing and turning. See below.




An example of the packing process








We follow 6 steps to carefully package the piece:

We generally follow the steps for both international and Singapore local deliveries. Information regarding gift bag is also included below. 


This is an example of a  gift bag, that is available for in-studio purchase made in Singapore, and also used sparingly when very fragile items are delivered via 2-hour express delivery inside Singapore. Please see details below. Gift bags such as this is available for no additional fee. 




Specifically, for Singapore local orders

How do you protect the products properly during delivery?

In Singapore, our delivery partner at Ninja Van or QxPress will deliver them to you. We also use them to deliver for us internationally, and they have delivered true to their words so far, so we trust them to deliver securely inside Singapore as well. 

We generally follow the 6 steps above for packaging except when the item is a live plant or very fragile - in this case, we dispatch 2-hour express delivery service such as LalaMove, to hand carry the item to you. the packaging with either be in gift bag, shown above or unsealed box. The box is unsealed in order for the delivery person to fully be aware of the content inside, and therefore pay extra attention in safeguarding. 


How long does it take for the delivery to arrive?

It will arrive at your doorstep within 3-4 working days after the order is placed.


Can I purchase now and postpone the delivery to a later date in the future?

Yes, upon ordering on our website or in-studio, simply send me a message at +65 9613 8309 to let me know your preferred delivery date. 


Specifically, for International orders:

How long does it take for the shipment to arrive?

It will arrive at your doorstep within 5 - 14 working days after the order is placed, depending on your distance from Singapore. 


What delivery company do you use?

We work with Singapore Post & & QxPress & FedEx for expediated shipping. 

Singapore Post is the national post office of Singapore. 

Qxpress is a trusted brand in Singapore, established in 2011, with global operation, and hundreds of millions of funding to date. Qxpress is preparing for an IPO in the US in 2022. 


Can you ship live plants internationally?

Unfortunately, our work featuring live plants are only available in Singapore.

While theoretically we can ship live plants globally, we decided not to in order to make sure customers receive a product that is in its best condition. 


How do I track my order?

We will provide you with a tracking number that can be used on the delivery companies' website once they become available. 

Please also fee free to get in touch via Whatsapp +65 9613 8309 to check on the status of your delivery.