Connor and Sabrina started Slow Green. Our home is by the woods and we have been re-creating its peacefulness for our home and friends, with all that nature has to offer.

We design & handmake everything you see in our shop. Our nature work mix stones, woods & plants. As in nature, they don't stand alone, they weave and grow with each other. And that's how we want to recreate them.

We mostly use preserved natural materials that require zero care and are made to last for years. Occasionally, we also feature live plants in our shop.

We don't favor 'rare' species of stones and plants, as we believe all things are created equal in nature, and they all deserve their places.

It's called Slow Green, because we think that all good things come slow, and come to those who patiently wait. And we take that spirit in our work, creating all pieces carefully and slowly. 

We started in 2020 in Singapore. 

Please visit our shop and follow our journey on Instagram at @iamslowgreen 


Preserved Plants & Moss 

  • 🌳 The flowers and moss are real and grew in the nature before harvest.
  • 🌱 The flowers were imported from various parts of the world into Japan, and were preserved in Japan by our trusted suppliers with track-record. The moss was imported from Netherlands into Singapore directly, and was live and fresh when entering Singapore
  • 🚱 The moss went through a preserving process in Singapore - the process retains and prolongs its natural appearance, giving it no need for watering and light. 
  • 🍀 They look fresh, soft to touch, and lively for MANY YEARS but biologically inactive.  This is how scientist store plants in herbarium or “plant museums” for decade.
  • ⚠️ Completely safe - it does not contain any harmful substance.


    Caring & Life Expectancy 

    • ✋ Please AVOID watering & strong sun. Otherwise, this pieces requires no caring at all - 100% maintenance freeHelpful Keep them in well-ventilated & dry place.
    • The wood & stone components would last indefinitely, while the preserved moss & flowers would roughly 3-5 years under room conditions - we offer 'Maintenance Service' to restore the piece back to its original conditions
    • The moss and flowers would retain their shapes beyond year 3, but would fade in color;