What is 'Green Care'

For our products featuring either live plants or preserved plants, We are happy to maintain them for you! We can replace the plants with new ones of the same type if you request. We charge a small fee for the maintenance service


What is the cost

SGD 10 for products priced under SGD 50

SGD 30 for products priced between SGD 50 and 200

SGD 80 for products priced between SGD 200 and 400

SGD 120 for products priced over SGD 400

We are not trying to make any profit on the maintenance service - instead we aim to help our customer to enjoy the pieces for as long as possible, while not breaking our own bank doing it. 



We'd appreciate it if you could please bring the pieces to our studio for maintenance. We realise that it's maybe inconvenient for you, but it's the best way to ensure the quality of the pieces as maintenance often requires tools that maybe unrealistic to bring onsite. 



How long does it take

The maintenance itself usually requires 30 minutes, please do contact us in advance to arrange a most suitable time to meet. 


Forms of Payment

We accept PayNow/Paylah, bank transfer, or cash in person. 


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